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Nestled in the Old Town, Indee Yoga is a spacious, light-filled, peaceful oasis & the ideal place to begin, or deepen your yoga journey through the Bikram Method of Hot Yoga! 

Wellness Month positivity calendar

Lets make wellness month full of positivity! 

We have come up with 31 things to do during March to give you positivity boost, bring a spring into your step and shake off the winter blues! 


1. It’s World Book Day, so how about starting a life-changing read? Check out Amazon’s bestselling self-help books list for inspo. We’ll be sorted by April! Or at least slightly better read….jpg

1.     It’s World Book Day, so how about starting a life-changing read? Check out Amazon’s bestselling self-help books list for inspo. We’ll be sorted by April! Or at least slightly better read…

2.     Fuel the Friday feeling and turn the crazy weather to your advantage: build a snowman! Extra points for belting out songs from Frozen while you’re at it. See if you can give any of these amazing creations a run for their money.

3.     It’s Plant Power Day, so we’re starting a month of vegan Saturdays. Learn the scientific info about the benefits, then get your fix of foodie inspiration and enjoy!

4.     Put on some trackie bottoms and trainers, download a motivational playlist and go for a Sunday run. Running makes you happier, fitter, stronger and, apparently, less likely to get cancer. See you at the finish line*.

*The pub, for a roast. You’ve earned it.

5.     Need some #MondayMotivation? Check out this Google Images search: some lame, some great. We’ll enjoy eye-rolling at the former and remembering the latter.

6.     Just reading these healthy breakfast bowl recipes makes us feel well – imagine what actually making and eating one could do. Worth a go, this (let’s be optimistic) sunny Tuesday.

7.     It’s Wednesday, the week is feeling long, so make an effort to be friendly to a stranger today (not in a creepy way: we draw the line at hugs).

8.     NOW it’s time for hugs. Your partner, friends, kids, a teacher who’s done wonders: give ‘em a cuddle. Hugging it out is properly good for you.

9.     Give three sincerely-felt compliments today. And, if someone compliments you, accept it graciously. Batting away a compliment doesn’t show humility, it shows ingratitude. So there!

10.  Hide a loving notSkip to  in your partner’s / kids’ / best friend’s bag. Extra points for humour. Extra, extra points for illustrating it.

11.  Happy Mothers’ Day! If you are one, enjoy it. If you have one, say thank you. If you know one, send them a happy text. And if for whatever reason you hate today, then ignore the above – and we send you love.

12.  That person you’re always making vague plans to get together with? Make firm plans! It’s what those steak-night/burger-night/lobster-night restaurant offers were made for.

13.  Laugh in the face of government guidelines: eat TEN portions of fruit and veg today. That’ll show ‘em.

14.  If someone’s dismissive or grumpy to you, be outrageously charming to them. Firstly, being kind is a good idea because you never know what people are going through, and secondly, if they’re just being plain rude you’ll have totally taken the wind out of their sails. Win-win.

15.  Borrow a scooter off a friendly child and scoot round the block. It’s strangely exhilarating.

16.  If you do a school run, take time to talk to the mum/dad/childminder/grandparent who’s always standing on their own in the playground. Introduce yourself and ask them what year their charge is in, and voila! You’re making conversation.

17.  It’s Sport Relief day, so let’s raise some money. Doesn’t matter how. A swear box, a cake sale, a sponsored run-like-Phoebe-from-Friends: rake in the readies and donate online.

18.  Inject some health benefits into your Sunday roast, and eat well(ness).

19.  Skip to work/school. It’s great exercise. If kids laugh at you, feel happy that you’ve made their day – kids love a crazy old person to laugh at. (This rule obviously doesn’t apply to your own kids, who’ll either love your skipping or shrivel with embarrassment.)

20.  The first day of spring! Put on some ludicrously happy tunes (hello, S Club 7’s Reach) and clean out a cupboard or sort some stuff for the charity shop. Sing while you spring clean: it’s a Thing.

21.  Text someone you haven’t seen/spoken to for ages, especially if they haven’t been around because they’re going through a rough time, and tell them you’re thinking of them.

22.  Think positive thoughts all day

23.  Ditch the caffeine and drink herbal tea

24.  Take a walk in nature

25.  Make a bird seed cake and hang it in the garden.

26.  Make some cakes for your neighbours

27.  Try a new class


29.  do some gardening  

30.  Don’t use any throw away plastic all day!

31.  Feel amazingly positive about everything!

Barre Friday is back.


If you haven't noticed on the schedule already, we have an amazing new Barre teacher Gemma. 

We are very excited to have Gemma on the schedule. Come to her class on Friday morning at 11am, this class is going to be popular so make sure you book in quickly. 

Here is a little bit about Gemma:

Through my classes I motivate people to get in tune with every muscle, improve posture and at the same time tone, strengthen and shape every inch of their bodies.  I also add an element of cardio which of course keeps us healthy on the inside as well as the outside and importantly burns calories..

With specialist qualifications in the complex core muscles and from working with all ages and abilities, I structure classes varying movement to strengthen from your centre and improve flexibility aiding joint movement. Together with being a mum of two, I understand the importance of getting the most you can out of your time with me

What’s the deal with 30-day challenges?


They work, that’s what! Here’s how, plus some ideas for challenges you can easily take on – and conquer.

Firstly, why 30 days? Well, it’s a month and that’s an appealingly tidy timeframe to work with, but also doing something every day for 30 days is the ideal amount of time to either kick a habit or start a new one, depending on what you want to achieve. Just 30 days! If you’ve spent years wanting to stop eating sugar, or start exercising, or write a novel, March is the month when you could finally achieve that. The possibilities are huge! Check out this TED talk and be inspired:

If you Google ’30 Day Challenge’ loads of ideas will come up, but for Inspiration for this Wellness Month here are INDEE’s top 20 challenges.

Choose one, choose two, choose lots: it’s up to you. Good luck, and we’ll see you on the other side: hopefully calmer, happier and suffused with the inner glow of achievement : )


Yoga Challenges

1.     Been meaning to try hot yoga? March is the month when you will. Two classes, please: lots of people need two classes to realise how much they love it!

2.     Go to one INDEE class per week? In March, let’s make that two.

3.     Or why not go for 10 classes across the month?

4.     Hell, let’s make that one class every day during March. Think of the improvement you’ll see by April!

5.     Always do the same class? Your challenge is to try every class we offer before the end of March.

Wellness Challenges

6.     Start a morning ritual. Learn more:

7.     Fill a large drinking bottle with water every morning and finish it by lunchtime. Refill, and finish the second one by bedtime.

8.     Cut out Alcohol for 30 days, here are some tips to help you along the way. (

9.     For journeys of two miles or less, walk.

10.  Cut out all processed sugar, and don’t forget that includes cereals, baked beans, bread, etc…

Positivity Challenges

11.  Pay someone a compliment every day.

12.  If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

13.  Write a To Do list every morning and do it – even if you can’t be bothered. Follow the plan, not the mood.

14.  Before you go to bed write down at least one thing that’s made you laugh that day.

15.  Envious of someone else’s achievements? Realise that their success does not mean your failure: message them to tell them you’re happy for them.

General Challenges

16.  Whatever habit of yours irritates others the most, stop doing it for March. You can go back to biting your nails / cracking your knuckles / whistling through your teeth in April!

17.  Face a fear every day: talk to a stranger, get rid of a spider (humanely!), drive to the shops, etc.

18.  If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, take one step every day in March towards achieving that goal, whether that’s writing a novel, running a marathon, learning a musical instrument, or anything else.

19.  Buy nothing you don’t need for 30 days - including junk food, cosmetics, takeaway coffees, clothes, haircuts, etc. Your bank balance will thank you.

20.  Only look at social media between 2.45pm and 3pm every day for 30 days.

How a Morning Ritual Can Change your Life


Sounds like hyperbole: isn’t! Having a morning ritual is a way to start the day on a positive footing; to wake up knowing that whatever you want or need to achieve that day, you’re already on the right track.

A ritual isn’t the same thing as a routine (wake up, have shower, wake kids up, make breakfast, etc.). Basically, a routine is stuff you have to do; a ritual is something you want to do.

A morning ritual means you start your day in a proactive way. It’s a small but powerful mind shift away from ‘Here we go again,’ to, ‘Morning Ritual time: all for me!’. So, either set your alarm a little earlier than usual or make space in your current routine (do you need to spend 10 minutes checking Facebook while sitting on the loo?!) and choose your ritual. Get ready to improve your health and wellbeing / lose weight / write your Booker prize winner. Here are some ideas to get you started…

1.     Start your day with a cup of hot water and lemon: better for you than tea or coffee, and more invigorating. Just make sure you drink it before you brush your teeth or the acid from the lemon will get to work on your tooth enamel.

2.     Meditate. Apps like Headspace, Calm and Buddhify are useful for getting on the right road.

3.     Add a shot of antioxidant-rich turmeric to your morning ritual: two tsp ground turmeric, 250ml coconut water, juice of a lemon and a lime and 2tbsp honey into an old (clean!) jam jar, put on the lid and give it a shake. Roughly 50ml = one shot.

4.     Set aside five minutes to think about what you’re grateful for – healthy family, your job, your house, the new shoes you’re going to wear for the first time today. Write it down, if you’re a writing-things-down kind of person, but just thinking about it should help you focus on the positive.

5.     Find one of those Books to Read Before You Die lists, pick a book, and read a chapter every morning.

6.     Treat yourself to a colourful, satisfying breakfast bowl. How does Green Rainbow Smoothie Bowl, Pear & Blueberry Breakfast Bowl or Clementine & Honey Couscous grab you? These recipes, among others, here:

7.     Set your radio/phone/Alexa to wake you up with a song that always lifts your spirits.

8.     Ask your INDEE yoga teacher to recommend some gentle stretches to ease you into your day.

9.     Dust off your nutibullet and get juicing every morning!

10.  Or simply curl your toes against the soft sheets of your bed and feel lucky. Enjoy!


Which ever you choose make sure you send us a picture on our Instagram using #indeemorningrituals


Hot Yoga: Secret to Top Athletes’ Success? 

 OK maybe we wouldn’t go that far, but whatever your sport and whatever your level – weekend amateur to full-time professional – the benefits of hot yoga are unquestionable. Many athletes, including Andy Murray and England football star Lianne Sanderson, swear by Bikram’s many benefits, both in its own right and as a complement to their own training. Here’s why… 


Prevents Injury & Aids Recovery

If you’re a runner, you train by running. If you’re a cyclist, you cycle. Etcetera. This kind of specific training can cause certain muscles to be ignored and can lead to injury. Yoga focuses on the whole body, so no muscle gets left out. And Bikram is a low impact way to train and recover from injury – there’s no pressure on your joints with hot yoga. 


Improves Flexibility 

A study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Researchmeasured the flexibility (among other things) of students before and after an eight-week course of Bikram yoga. After the course all the students displayed increased flexibility in the trunk, hips, hamstrings and shoulders. They’d also lost a small amount of body-fat, if yours is the kind of sport where leanness is key. 

Improves Breath Control 

You can enhance your sports performance by 15% when you exercise proper breathing, according to a Portsmouth University study. Hot yoga can help you learn how to do this, with its emphasis on breathing through poses. 


Improves Strength & Stamina 

Calling all marathon runners / triathletes / boxers, etc: Bikram yoga’s core-strengthening, gentle, whole-body workout, is great for building endurance and stamina.  


Relieves Stress 

Stress is so damaging to athletes: you can’t be in the zone when your mind’s all over the place and you can’t sleep at night for worrying. Well, guess what? Bikram can help. Research has found that a course of hot yoga increases mindfulness and decreases stress levels.  


Improves Concentration 

Bikram helps train your mind to block distractions by forcing you to concentrate on your breath and your body; vital for athletes, for whom distractions can mean the difference between winning or losing, a PB or an average performance. 


Improves Mental Strength

The Bikram studio’s heat and humidity combined with the learning of the 26 postures and persevering to improve your practice is excellent training in self-control, determination, concentration and patience. In short, Bikram + specific training = improvement, whatever your athletic discipline.  

How to maximise the benefits of Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga 101: 

All you need to know to get the most from your hot yoga practice. 


You’ve never done any hot yoga? This is for you. We hope it persuades you to give it a go: it’s a wonderful thing, honestly. This is also for you if you want to maximise the benefits of your yoga practise. We’re nice like that : ) 


  1. No Surprises 

A hot – or Bikram – yoga class will pretty much always follow the same script. This is precisely so that once you’ve been to a couple of classes you’ll know what’s going to happen and will be able to turn your mind to the meditation of Bikram, rather than concentrating on what the teacher is saying. 


  1. Arrive Early 

We recommend you turn up at the studio around half an hour before the class starts so you can get yourself sorted, find your space in the studio and get used to the heat before the class starts.  


  1. Dress Right 

When you know you’re going to get sweaty (and you are going to get sweaty!), you need proper, breathable fabrics. A pair of cotton leggings aren’t going to cut it. You don’t need to spend a fortune – just spend right. A pair of shorts and a sports bra are ideal. We are not in the market for body shaming, so please wear what you like, whatever your body shape.  


  1. Embrace the Sweat 

Other than stopping the sweat dripping into your eyes, try not to wipe it off. Sweat is there to keep you cool – wiping it off will only make you hotter. 


  1. Hydrate Ahead 

Try to drink plenty of water in the hours before the class: chugging loads just before or during the class can make you feel sick. If you arrive well hydrated, you should only need to take a few sips. 


  1. It’s HOT! 

Yep, it’s hot. Very hot. But you can handle it. It’s pretty common for people new to hot yoga to feel overwhelmed their first couple of times; the heat can make people feel dizzy or even induce a kind of panic fight-or-flight emotion. But honestly, sit still, close your eyes, breathe slowly through your nose, and the feelings will pass. If you feel you need to leave the room, that's totally fine. Take a minute, then re-join us. Embrace the heat and let yourself sweat: it’s doing good things for your body and mind.   

  1. It Shouldn’t Hurt 

The poses of Bikram yoga are meant to be challenging. It’s fine to feel discomfort – it’s not fine to feel pain. Don’t force yourself or push a pose; that’s not what it’s about. Take it slowly. 


  1. Come Back! 

The first class is hard work. The second class is a revelation! Or so lots of students say. You’ve got to give Bikram a chance. INDEE’s founder Lucy didn’t enjoy Bikram at all to start with… 


If you have any questions about INDEE or hot yoga, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to seeing you soon!