Indee Hot Yoga

Nestled in the Old Town, Indee Yoga is a spacious, light-filled, peaceful oasis & the ideal place to begin, or deepen your yoga journey through the Bikram Method of Hot Yoga! 

Ready to start 2018 feeling relaxed, strong & toned?

£20 for 20 Days - pic 1.png
£20 for 20 consecutive days!

Ready to start a yoga practice that keeps you pursuing your passions, builds and tones your muscles, and gets out of the way so you live the life you love?

Indee Yoga is your answer. We bring in experienced teachers and classes directly from London. So you get the big city hot yoga you’ve been dreaming of… only a few minutes from your home.  

For a limited time.
Get 20 days of unlimited classes for £20.
Sale ends 12 January 2018.


You’ll get to pop into any class… any time… to melt away tension and keep your body limber and active.

Ready to get started? Click the link below to purchase then visit our schedule to reserve your place in class.

£20 for 20 consecutive days!