Indee Hot Yoga

Nestled in the Old Town, Indee Yoga is a spacious, light-filled, peaceful oasis & the ideal place to begin, or deepen your yoga journey through the Bikram Method of Hot Yoga! 

Welcome to Wellness Month 

Time to Re Set and Re New! 

Wellness month is all about YOU! You can make it what you like as long as it will improve your Wellbeing. 

You might want to add an extra class to your schedule, do a random act of kindness, add a morning ritual to your routine or really make a transformation and do a Yoga class every day for 30 days! 

Check out our two recent blogs filled with wellness inspiration: 

Also please check out our insta hash tag #indeemorningrituals to see what we have gotten up to in previous Wellness Months.

Please join us this time around with your morning rituals!