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Fierce Grace in India: Lisa’s story

Our fabulous teacher Lisa has just returned from the Fierce Grace retreat in India. Spoiler: it was awesome!

Is this your first retreat?

I have done Italy as well: a wonderful retreat in the hills of Tuscany in a beautiful big converted villa with amazing views.

What were your first impressions?

My first impression of India was ‘WOW’! We stayed at the Leela hotel in Kovalam, which really is beautiful. The Yoga Shala where all the classes take place is stunning!


What was a typical daily routine?

First was breakfast, followed by morning yoga class; then free time before lunch; then free afternoon, then yoga class at 5.30; then dinner and bed or whatever people fancied!! During free time most people had Ayurvedic treatments, chilled by the pool, or went into Kovalam for shopping or lunch. It’s a very relaxed retreat with freedom to participate in some, all or none as you wish. There were a couple of day excursions to the ‘backwaters’ and also to Vivekenanda’s shrine at the tip of southern India. Wonderful to experience all the sights and spices and smells and people.

What kind of people were on the retreat with you?

It was a very mixed group of people of all ages and yoga ability. The classes are tailored to everyone’s ability.

And what about the teachers?

The teachers of course were wonderful: Michele Pernetta, who has many years’ experience. She trained with Bikram Choudry in LA before bringing hot yoga to the UK and opening the first hot yoga studio in London, teaching her own system of classes at her Fierce Grace studios. Then there was Tuuli Shipster, who trained with Michele, and myself, also trained by Michele on her wonderful teacher-training course.

How was the food?

The food was wonderful in the hotel: buffet-style with many choices of European as well as traditional food. The restaurants we went to suggested by Michele also had great food.

Would you recommend the retreat?

Yes! I will be going again : ) It’s a great introduction to India for first timers and of course wonderful yoga in a beautiful setting. The retreat is not only about the yoga but also the chance to explore the Ayurvedic medicine and the benefits.

What’s your advice to INDEE yogi thinking of booking a place on a retreat?

Book as soon as possible! The Italy retreat is limited to 14 I believe, so it fills up quickly. The dates have just been released: the first week is 2-9 July and second week is 12 -19th July.

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