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How a Morning Ritual Can Change your Life


Sounds like hyperbole: isn’t! Having a morning ritual is a way to start the day on a positive footing; to wake up knowing that whatever you want or need to achieve that day, you’re already on the right track.

A ritual isn’t the same thing as a routine (wake up, have shower, wake kids up, make breakfast, etc.). Basically, a routine is stuff you have to do; a ritual is something you want to do.

A morning ritual means you start your day in a proactive way. It’s a small but powerful mind shift away from ‘Here we go again,’ to, ‘Morning Ritual time: all for me!’. So, either set your alarm a little earlier than usual or make space in your current routine (do you need to spend 10 minutes checking Facebook while sitting on the loo?!) and choose your ritual. Get ready to improve your health and wellbeing / lose weight / write your Booker prize winner. Here are some ideas to get you started…

1.     Start your day with a cup of hot water and lemon: better for you than tea or coffee, and more invigorating. Just make sure you drink it before you brush your teeth or the acid from the lemon will get to work on your tooth enamel.

2.     Meditate. Apps like Headspace, Calm and Buddhify are useful for getting on the right road.

3.     Add a shot of antioxidant-rich turmeric to your morning ritual: two tsp ground turmeric, 250ml coconut water, juice of a lemon and a lime and 2tbsp honey into an old (clean!) jam jar, put on the lid and give it a shake. Roughly 50ml = one shot.

4.     Set aside five minutes to think about what you’re grateful for – healthy family, your job, your house, the new shoes you’re going to wear for the first time today. Write it down, if you’re a writing-things-down kind of person, but just thinking about it should help you focus on the positive.

5.     Find one of those Books to Read Before You Die lists, pick a book, and read a chapter every morning.

6.     Treat yourself to a colourful, satisfying breakfast bowl. How does Green Rainbow Smoothie Bowl, Pear & Blueberry Breakfast Bowl or Clementine & Honey Couscous grab you? These recipes, among others, here:

7.     Set your radio/phone/Alexa to wake you up with a song that always lifts your spirits.

8.     Ask your INDEE yoga teacher to recommend some gentle stretches to ease you into your day.

9.     Dust off your nutibullet and get juicing every morning!

10.  Or simply curl your toes against the soft sheets of your bed and feel lucky. Enjoy!


Which ever you choose make sure you send us a picture on our Instagram using #indeemorningrituals