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What’s the deal with 30-day challenges?


They work, that’s what! Here’s how, plus some ideas for challenges you can easily take on – and conquer.

Firstly, why 30 days? Well, it’s a month and that’s an appealingly tidy timeframe to work with, but also doing something every day for 30 days is the ideal amount of time to either kick a habit or start a new one, depending on what you want to achieve. Just 30 days! If you’ve spent years wanting to stop eating sugar, or start exercising, or write a novel, March is the month when you could finally achieve that. The possibilities are huge! Check out this TED talk and be inspired:

If you Google ’30 Day Challenge’ loads of ideas will come up, but for Inspiration for this Wellness Month here are INDEE’s top 20 challenges.

Choose one, choose two, choose lots: it’s up to you. Good luck, and we’ll see you on the other side: hopefully calmer, happier and suffused with the inner glow of achievement : )


Yoga Challenges

1.     Been meaning to try hot yoga? March is the month when you will. Two classes, please: lots of people need two classes to realise how much they love it!

2.     Go to one INDEE class per week? In March, let’s make that two.

3.     Or why not go for 10 classes across the month?

4.     Hell, let’s make that one class every day during March. Think of the improvement you’ll see by April!

5.     Always do the same class? Your challenge is to try every class we offer before the end of March.

Wellness Challenges

6.     Start a morning ritual. Learn more:

7.     Fill a large drinking bottle with water every morning and finish it by lunchtime. Refill, and finish the second one by bedtime.

8.     Cut out Alcohol for 30 days, here are some tips to help you along the way. (

9.     For journeys of two miles or less, walk.

10.  Cut out all processed sugar, and don’t forget that includes cereals, baked beans, bread, etc…

Positivity Challenges

11.  Pay someone a compliment every day.

12.  If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

13.  Write a To Do list every morning and do it – even if you can’t be bothered. Follow the plan, not the mood.

14.  Before you go to bed write down at least one thing that’s made you laugh that day.

15.  Envious of someone else’s achievements? Realise that their success does not mean your failure: message them to tell them you’re happy for them.

General Challenges

16.  Whatever habit of yours irritates others the most, stop doing it for March. You can go back to biting your nails / cracking your knuckles / whistling through your teeth in April!

17.  Face a fear every day: talk to a stranger, get rid of a spider (humanely!), drive to the shops, etc.

18.  If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, take one step every day in March towards achieving that goal, whether that’s writing a novel, running a marathon, learning a musical instrument, or anything else.

19.  Buy nothing you don’t need for 30 days - including junk food, cosmetics, takeaway coffees, clothes, haircuts, etc. Your bank balance will thank you.

20.  Only look at social media between 2.45pm and 3pm every day for 30 days.