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Nestled in the Old Town, Indee Yoga is a spacious, light-filled, peaceful oasis & the ideal place to begin, or deepen your yoga journey through the Bikram Method of Hot Yoga! 

Wellness Month Positivity Calendar

Let's make Wellness Month full of positivity! 

We have come up with 31 things to do during March to give you a positivity boost, put a spring in your step and shake off the winter blues!  


1. It’s World Book Day, so how about starting a life-changing read? Check out Amazon’s bestselling self-help books list for inspo. We’ll be sorted by April! Or at least slightly better read….jpg

1.     It’s World Book Day, so how about starting a life-changing read? Check out Amazon’s bestselling self-help books list for inspo. We’ll be sorted by April! Or at least slightly better read…

2.     Fuel the Friday feeling and turn the crazy weather to your advantage: build a snowman! Extra points for belting out songs from Frozen while you’re at it. See if you can give any of these amazing creations a run for their money.

3.     It’s Plant Power Day, so we’re starting a month of vegan Saturdays. Learn the scientific info about the benefits, then get your fix of foodie inspiration and enjoy!

4.     Put on some trackie bottoms and trainers, download a motivational playlist and go for a Sunday run. Running makes you happier, fitter, stronger and, apparently, less likely to get cancer. See you at the finish line*.

*The pub, for a roast. You’ve earned it.

5.     Need some #MondayMotivation? Check out this Google Images search: some lame, some great. We’ll enjoy eye-rolling at the former and remembering the latter.

6.     Just reading these healthy breakfast bowl recipes makes us feel well – imagine what actually making and eating one could do. Worth a go, this (let’s be optimistic) sunny Tuesday.

7.     It’s Wednesday, the week is feeling long, so make an effort to be friendly to a stranger today (not in a creepy way: we draw the line at hugs).

8.     NOW it’s time for hugs. Your partner, friends, kids, a teacher who’s done wonders: give ‘em a cuddle. Hugging it out is properly good for you.

9.     Give three sincerely-felt compliments today. And, if someone compliments you, accept it graciously. Batting away a compliment doesn’t show humility, it shows ingratitude. So there!

10.  Hide a loving notSkip to  in your partner’s / kids’ / best friend’s bag. Extra points for humour. Extra, extra points for illustrating it.

11.  Happy Mothers’ Day! If you are one, enjoy it. If you have one, say thank you. If you know one, send them a happy text. And if for whatever reason you hate today, then ignore the above – and we send you love.

12.  That person you’re always making vague plans to get together with? Make firm plans! It’s what those steak-night/burger-night/lobster-night restaurant offers were made for.

13.  Laugh in the face of government guidelines: eat TEN portions of fruit and veg today. That’ll show ‘em.

14.  If someone’s dismissive or grumpy to you, be outrageously charming to them. Firstly, being kind is a good idea because you never know what people are going through, and secondly, if they’re just being plain rude you’ll have totally taken the wind out of their sails. Win-win.

15.  Borrow a scooter off a friendly child and scoot round the block. It’s strangely exhilarating.

16.  If you do a school run, take time to talk to the mum/dad/childminder/grandparent who’s always standing on their own in the playground. Introduce yourself and ask them what year their charge is in, and voila! You’re making conversation.

17.  It’s Sport Relief day, so let’s raise some money. Doesn’t matter how. A swear box, a cake sale, a sponsored run-like-Phoebe-from-Friends: rake in the readies and donate online.

18.  Inject some health benefits into your Sunday roast, and eat well(ness).

19.  Skip to work/school. It’s great exercise. If kids laugh at you, feel happy that you’ve made their day – kids love a crazy old person to laugh at. (This rule obviously doesn’t apply to your own kids, who’ll either love your skipping or shrivel with embarrassment.)

20.  The first day of spring! Put on some ludicrously happy tunes (hello, S Club 7’s Reach) and clean out a cupboard or sort some stuff for the charity shop. Sing while you spring clean: it’s a Thing.

21.  Text someone you haven’t seen/spoken to for ages, especially if they haven’t been around because they’re going through a rough time, and tell them you’re thinking of them.

22.  Think positive thoughts all day

23.  Ditch the caffeine and drink herbal tea

24.  Take a walk in nature

25.  Make a bird seed cake and hang it in the garden.

26.  Make some cakes for your neighbours

27.  Try a new class


29.  do some gardening  

30.  Don’t use any throw away plastic all day!

31.  Feel amazingly positive about everything!