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Hot Yoga in Summer? Absolutely!

6 great reasons to keep up your hot yoga practice even when its “scorchio” outside

You’ve spent all Winter cooped up indoors, your only taste of Summer being your regular Indee Hot Yoga sessions. With the wonderful long, hot, days we have been having, haven’t you done enough sweating in pursuit of health and wellbeing? Isn’t it crazy to walk from stifling heat into an even hotter studio?

Not a bit! In fact the Summer months are a great time to carry on practicing your hot yoga. We know that it’s very tempting to skip a class or two when the sun is shining, but regular hot yoga can actually help you enjoy the Summer more.

Here are 6 important reasons to carry on with hot yoga when the sun is beating down outside.

1. You’re acclimatised

Your Indee Hot Yoga practice means you’re used to hot temperatures. Most people have trouble adjusting to a rise in heat. But not you. Your body can cool itself more efficiently. When you get overheated you have all your hot yogi tools at your disposal. Such as breathing deeply and calmly, not panicking when your body gets uncomfortable and being perfectly OK about having sweat on your skin.  

2. It energises you

Outdoor heat can be oppressive, making you feel lethargic, frazzled and fed up. But the heat inside our hot studio is an energising heat which, combined with the 26 Bikram poses, detoxifies and energises you, helping you cope with the outside temperatures.

3. You’ve developed good habits

You already know that good hydration is the key to good health. And although often our intake of alcohol goes up during the Summer (think of all those beer gardens, barbecues and garden parties!), your Indee Hot Yoga practice means that you’ll easily recognise the signs of dehydration and be able to do something about it.

4. You’re pre-warmed up

The Summer temperatures and humid outside air will help get your muscles nicely loosened and warmed up before you even arrive on your mat in our hot studio. This means your practice warm up is much quicker and easier. Your hamstrings will be more pliable making forward folds less of an effort and all your muscles will enjoy the benefits of an extra deep stretch.

5. You’re keeping your body in shape

Your hot yoga practice has made you fit, strong, toned and ready for whatever Summer activities await you: the beach, the pool, the great outdoors. Keeping up with your practice throughout the Summer means you’re keeping your body in check and staying strong and flexible.

6. You won’t suffer from the “blues” when Winter comes around again

Taking a break from your hot yoga practice even for a few weeks during the Summer will make it harder to return to your mat later in the year. A break of any duration will change your body and your yogi mindset, making it challenging to resume your good habits. Better to keep up your practice all year round.

So don’t let the temptations of a warm, sunny day undo all your good work. Keep up your hot yoga practice by regularly checking out our class schedule: your body and your mind will thank you.

Namaste, Lucy