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Nestled in the Old Town, Indee Yoga is a spacious, light-filled, peaceful oasis & the ideal place to begin, or deepen your yoga journey through the Bikram Method of Hot Yoga! 

Yoga for absolute beginners

Here at Indee we get beginners starting all of the time, this is why we decided to create our own 6 week beginners course.

This course is designed to give beginners the confidence and knowledge to be able to join any of our classes.

Here are 5 reasons to sign up to our beginners course:

  1. Learn the fundamentals of Yoga.

  2. Learn the importance of breath and Alignment

  3. Learn and have the confidence to use props properly

  4. Learn about which muscles you are activating

  5. Get used to the heat in a gentle progression

Here is a snap shot of what you will learn during each week of our beginners course.

Week 1 - Importance of breath and alignment. Introduction to the flow and ujjayi breath.

Week 2 - More on Breath and Alignment. Flow. Warrior postures and importance on finding your stance.

Week 3 - Spine - twists, back bends and forward folds and why they are so good for the spine.

Week 4 - Hip and pelvis opening - main issues, how to work with injuries and how to use props. Flexibility vs strengths, they are not opposite

Week 5 - Balancing class - stretching and strengthening. What muscles to activate and why to spend time in beginners stages for longer.

Week 6 - Combining all the knowledge in one final class. Coming back to breath. Meditation, introduction to Yin yoga

Our October Beginners course is the last one for 2019, if you are interested in doing it, get booking as our early bird discount finishes on 10th October.

Please below some of our reviews:

“Very helpful, fantastic class” 5*

“Incredibly welcoming for a total newbie, with a super supportive and friendly vibe. The class was excellent.” 5*

“Really enjoying my beginners course” 5*