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Nestled in the Old Town, Indee Yoga is a spacious, light-filled, peaceful oasis & the ideal place to begin, or deepen your yoga journey through the Bikram Method of Hot Yoga! 

Sending the love and offering a Retreat!

Hello Beautiful Yogis!

Its Lauren here from Indee Yoga : ) Just sending you a little love on this Wednesday evening and keeping you updated of where i went on my little wander after the monastery! Too, i mentioned i would be happy to put on a retreat that would almost be exclusive to you Indee family....but i just wanted to put the feelers out there for any interest! (6-8th Sep 2019 in Yorkshire for £110!!)

Where i went after the monastery....

After my very fortunate and restful 5 months at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, i headed to a little city in the south of Spain, Almeria, to live for a month in a cave with a nun who had resided there on and off for 5 years.

The community was very small with just 6 of us in total practicing including another lovely nun from Holland. The experience was rather beautiful and incredibly insightful as the nun i had gone to see initially was profoundly inspiring! (as you can imagine!). I practiced here for one month then spent 2 weeks with my lovely new Americano romance, Mark (here in San Francisci). Then I headed to Ibiza to see a fellow yogi friend and incredible sound therapist who was on my course in India! (attached a few little photos for you!)

After this i headed back to the UK to sit a ten day silent retreat (raaather intense to say the leaste!) then the same day to another 6 day retreat in a meditation centre i have applied to be a facilitator at starting next year (hopefully, fingers crossed i get the job!).

That leads me to now!- having come back to San Francisco to move in with the Ameicano romance! whhirrrlwind!.....

Sending the love and offering a Retreat!

After how lovely my last retreat went with my dear friend Hannah and the interest from the retreatants to put another one on....we thought we would do just that!

As most of you know the cost is something i always want to keep low to make it accessible to people from all walks of this time i'm going to run the whole weekend at COST PRICE £110 (roughly!) and any dana/donations you wish to give for the teachings would be so gratefully accepted!

Below is the time table for the last retreat which is very like going to be simular, and attached is more details about the accommodation and location! (spoiler!- in a beautiful Yurt in the Yorkshire countryside!-see photos attached!)

The venue is already booked so do let me know if you are interested- this is a perfect retreat too if some of you more pro yogis wish to bring some newbies along to get inspired!- we have offered 3 different types of classes for this reason! i have also attached a few photos of the last retreat and you can see more though cut and pasting the link below-

Do send me a little email back to let me know if you are interested- i will run the weekend with about 8-12 people only do let me know if you are interested and i shall send you account details for the retreat fee of £110 (non refundable as its a risk my end running it so cheap!-eek!) Also feel free to forward this email to someone you feel may benefit from such a wholesome weekend!

Sending you all such love and light and hope your practice is yielding great fruits!


Lauren xxx

~ W E E K E N D T I M E T A B L E ~

Friday 6th:

6pm-7.30pm- Arrival 

7.30pm- 8pm- Welcome Speech

8pm-9.30pm-Evening Meal

9.30pm-10pm- Candlelight Vigil for ourselves, sharing a bringing of light to the weekend, holding a candle for our intensions

10pm- Bedtime

Saturday 7th:

5.45am-7am- Morning Ashtanga Class (optional)

7am-8am- Pranayama & Meditation

8am-9.30am- Morning Hatha Class

9.30am-10.45am- Breakfast Feast & Rest

11am-11.45am- Guided Walking Meditation in Nature

11.45am- 12.45pm- Solo Walking Meditation in Nature with a Hot Tea!

1pm-2pm- Lunch

2pm-3.45pm- Personal Time for Rest and Reflection

4pm-5pm- Yoga Philosophy Workshop

5pm-6.30-Vinyasa Flow

6.30pm-7.15pm-Savasana Sound Bath

7.30pm-8.30- Evening Meal

8.45-10pm- Bonfire & Sharing Circle

11pm- Lights/(Bonfire!) Out

Sunday 8th:

5.45am-7am- Morning Ashtanga Class (optional)

7am-8am- Pranayama & Meditation

8am-9.30am- Morning Hatha Class

9.30am-10.45am- Breakfast Feast & Rest

10.45am-12pm- Art Workshop- manifesting a bright Year. This will be relaxed & informal around the kitchen table with tea and coffee : )

12pm-1.30pm- Mindful Movement/Dance

1.30pm-3pm- Lunch

3pm-4.15pm- Restorative Kundalini Class

4pm-5pm- Final Sharing Closing Circle